Trinket in the house

By ganesh / September, 9, 2013 / 7 comments

I got a call this morning from Muthu saying there was snake in his house and he needed help. I met Muthu over a year ago and had shared my number when I visited his locality when the elephants had hit his ration shop behind his house. I am used to receiving calls  about elephants but this was the first time I got a call requesting for help with a snake. I  called a friend Frank Benjamin who is a wildlife enthusiast and loves snakes in particular. Having attended Gowrishankar’s workshop on Snake rescue & relocation, Frank has been actively helping the locals when snakes enter their homes or schools. After informing the forest department, we headed off to find the snake.


 Frank and Vinod catching the trinket in the Store room

 We found it in the far corner by the window of the store room. A small crowd gathered and watched curiously with a mix of fear.


Frank and Vinodh together managed to carefully bring the snake out and put it into their bag. It was a beautiful Montane Trinket and was about 5 feet in length. Frank spent a few minutes telling the locals not to panic and that the snake was non venomous. The snake was released in a forest fragment near by.


Vinodh (with the snake) & Frank Benjamin



Everything went smooth. The snake was not hurt. It was handled with a lot of care. It was set free soon after its capture. The one thing that I am really happy about the day is that, the local community chose to call and ask for help than take matters into their own hands. In my opinion,  just providing the locals with a basic alternate solution like a phone call itself can bring about a lot of positivity towards the wildlife they live with. Well done Frank and Vinodh!

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  • T R Shankar Raman

    Nice Ganesh… and good work!

  • Manish

    nice photo essay man!

  • Rana & Sugandhi

    This is such a good narrative, gives a lot of hope that things *can* go right :)

  • Claire Wordley

    Lovely story and photos…So glad everything went well. I miss India a lot right now!

  • Srinidhi

    neat work guys… the pictures tell it all! :)

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