Wildlife Photographer & Naturalist

My passion for wildlife photography began in early 2007. I started out frequenting forests of Karnataka and participated in many wildlife census. I also tried my hand at concert photography. I covered the Raghu Dixit Project, and my pictures were published in Rolling Stones(May ’09). Over time, I developed an interest in creating videos and learned film making while working with Babble Fish Production in Mumbai. I briefly handled their Bangalore-based projects.

I began working for Kalyan in early 2010 as his assistant and got involved with Vivekananda Girijana Kalyana Kendra ( VGKK ), a NGO in Biligiri Ranga Hills which has been working on Sustainable development of the native tribals through rights-based approaches to health, education, livelihood security and biodiversity conservation for the past 25 Years. I was the Head Naturalist at Gorukana, a unique eco-tourism venture and first of its kind in India where the profits generated entirely goes to tribal welfare groups and VGKK.

I did all my schooling in Bangalore, culminating into a Bachelor of Commerce. A Bachelor I certainly am, but my life, my passion revolves around things other than Commerce. My only ‘Commerce’ is with the world around me when I need to take care of my livelihood amidst nine-percent inflation.

I am currently working with Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) on resolving Human-Elephant conflict in the Anamalai Hills, Tamil Nadu.

Professionally, I exist at ganeshraghunathan.com

E-mail: raghunathan.ganesh@gmail.com